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Subscription online dictionary service stirs public debate

Xinhua Dictionary, a 60-year-old Chinese brand, has been bombarded with criticism afterit launched a paid digital version in June, which is more expensive than the paper edition.


Chinese version of ‘Midnight Diner’ fails to win over audiences

The classic Japanese TV series “Shinya Shokudo,” or “Midnight Diner,” debuted itsChinese version on June 12. Unfortunately, the series was roundly mocked by audiences,and ultimately received the lowest-ever rating for a television show.


Could shared parking lots be the answer to China's parking woes?

A parking lot sharing mobile application is gaining popularity among white-collar workers in Hangzhou, east China’s Zhejiang Province, amid China’s sharing economy boom. By inputting one’s cellphone number, license plates number and periods of time needed, an app user will be able to find a shareable parking space in a residential area close to his or her working place.


What Americans don't get about China

Common American perceptions of China—fueled by then-candidate Donald Trump’s campaign rhetoric of unfair trade practices—are sadly out of date. More than 81 percent of China’s GDP is now fueled by its own domestic demand, not by Walmart’s made-in-China toys and sporting goods.


College couple takes graduation photo with 1-year-old son

Graduation, getting married and having a kid are the most important things during one's life. But a couple did it all as soon as they finish their degrees. I can't imagine how they complete college and to be married and take care of a baby. I mean it is almost impossible to balance studies and child no matter how hard you try. For me I can only focus one thing at a time but they made it and wish them good luck!


Will giving car owners hongbao motivate them to drive less?

According to local authorities, car owners could get a bonus from 0.2 yuan to 0.7 yuan and one 'carbon coin' used to convert coupons, for reducing their driving by 24 hours every week. The premiums for drivers will be based on how many driving hours they cut.


No cash no phone, facial scan to pay

Alipay's facial scan technology has matured and related tests have been completed. Very soon, the facial scan payment will be implemented. That implies we wont need to bring either cash or smartphone,


A foreigner caught running a red light in China

A video of a Chinese traffic officer and the English advice he gave to a road rule-breaker has wowed Internet users in China. Many are impressed with his command of his second language, but more are praising him for his dedication.


Wedding pranks or sexual harassment?

In some parts of China, it is a tradition at weddings to partake in an ancient custom of playing pranks. It's called naohun, or "turbulence at weddings". Of 21,000 people surveyed by China Youth Daily


What do Chinese kids think of adults in their 20s and 30s?

Young Chinese in their 20s and 30s are fast becoming the backbone of the society. Having grown up with labels like "only children," "spoiled," and "little emperors," the generation is now maturing and shouldering more responsibility, and a lot of them are changing socially accepted labels that were imposed on them by the older generation.


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